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5 Internet Companies Addicted to Acquisition

Internet Companies Addicted to Acquisition

Almost one in every seven people across the world – that’s over one billion people – visit a Google-owned service every single month. Whilst most people would correctly consider Google as one of the largest internet-based companies, they may not think of other examples such as Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo or even Expedia and Uber.

The truth is, most of the internet’s most popular websites and services are owned by only a handful of companies we are familiar with. Did you know, for example, that when you buy a pair of Beats headphones, some of your money gets funnelled back to Apple?

Here is our list of five major internet companies who are addicted to acquiring other companies.

Google is quite possibly the best-known name on the internet; I bet you found this very article through a Google search!
Although Google had humble beginnings as a search engine, it has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most valuable companies, owning smartphone brands such as Nexus and HTC. Google also owns YouTube and, a blog publishing service.

Originally starting out as a campus-based picture book of students’ photos, Facebook has grown to be a household name which everybody knows. It is not just the social network which Facebook owns, though.

In fact, Facebook owns many other industry-leading names such as Instagram, WhatsApp and even Oculus Rift, the virtual-reality company.

Expedia is not a name which you would initially expect to be focussed on acquiring other companies, however, Expedia historically bought a large number of travel-related companies.

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Expedia’s most important strategy is acquisitions, and it has taken over well-known travel websites such as, Trivago, HomeAway and, the car-rental service.

The company is famous for providing a competitive, low-cost booking service for flights, hotels and vacations. Expedia offers and Expedia discount codes are what has made the company so successful. By acquiring smaller travel companies, they are able to remain competitive and lead the internet travel industry. Smart!

As one of the very earliest internet and computer companies, Microsoft have always held a competitive advantage when it comes to acquiring smaller companies.

The Microsoft family is huge, and they are the owners of many popular household names such as XBOX, Skype, LinkedIn and Internet Explorer.

One of Microsoft’s most recent high-profile acquisitions was the multi-billion-dollar takeover of Mojang, the company responsible for creating the cult classic game Minecraft.

Although Walmart are not technically an internet company, they do have a large presence on the internet with their e-commerce services.

Over the years, Walmart have acquired companies all over the world, including the British supermarket retailer Asda, Massachusetts-based shoe company Shoebuy and, an American e-commerce company.

These are just five of the many large companies who, between them, own a substantial amount of internet real estate. Other companies such as eBay, Amazon, Verizon, TripAdvisor and Apple all have played part in taking over many of the internet’s most formidable websites, services and companies.

As time goes on, these companies will just grow larger as they work towards their goals of leading their respective industries.

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In the midst of these companies acquiring spree, it’s quite difficult to keep track of which companies is owned by which company, as big brands take over smaller ones in a twinkle.
A wonderful info-graphics by 16best  in “The Web World – “Who Owns Who ?” reveals all the companies owned by these top brands in a comprehensive manner. I really spent a whole day digging deep into the information I got from there. All the small companies owned by Facebook was revealed, even companies which I initially thought were independent.

Let me shock you, Did you know that TechCrunch, Engadget and Yahoo is owned by Verizon ? 

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