Sunday, December 16, 2018

Amazon Echo Spot Features and Price

With the Amazon Echo and all generations of the Echo Dot already forming an integral part of Amazon’s ecosystem of Echo products, the American company has decided to step things up a notch by adding a display to its smart speaker, birthing the Echo Spot. Quite similar to how a...

Amazon Fire TV Cube Features and Price

The Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s way of trying to fully push and incorporate its Alexa smart virtual assistant to your home entertainment system. The trillion-dollar American tech company already own two of the industry’s leading smart home products: the Amazon Echo (and Echo Dot) series of smart home speaker,...

How Tech Trends Impact Business Growth and Survival

Source Today, technology has embraced our entire world, stimulating progress and inspiring evolution. In the 1820s the first industrial revolution changed economies from simple agricultural-based to manufacturing. New machines including the steam power opened up business in iron production and chemical manufacturing. Electricity was the main highlight of the second...

What a VPN can do for you

In a world full of concerns about cybersecurity and the security of personal data, VPNs have become an increasingly popular tool for improving the security of networks of all sizes. Research from August 2018 revealed that 25% of internet users had used a VPN in the past 30 days, which...

Starting a Business in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts one of the most dynamic, business-savvy and bustling cities in the world – London. London is the world’s largest financial center and it is also home to the London Stock Exchange, the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, and the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange....

Making Your Choice of Adjustable Desk

Standing desk is a thing that we use regularly. There are a lots of models and variations available in the market. So, you have to pick the right one from there. It is a matter of concern that which one suits you best as you are going to spend a...

Tiny Tower Laptop Stand Review

In this review, we will talk about the Tiny Tower Laptop Stand that was developed by young entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves through crowd funding website IndieGoGo. So today,  from a choice of many laptop stands, we will cover a review on the tiny tower laptop stand by...
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