Saturday, January 19, 2019

Black shark teaser photo – Curved edges revealed

Black shark teaser photo

Born to compete is the translation of the writing in the latest Black Shark teaser. The Xiaomi backed company is set to launch Razer gaming phone rival on 13th of April and invitations have already been sent.

In the teaser below, you can spot a fencer wielding a sabre, split face and teased Black Shark Phone. You need no magic wand to tell that the edges of black shark is going to be curved. The button on the side of the phones, poses as the power button. A closer look will reveal strips on the power button which may indicate that finger print sensor lives withing the power button. The teaser images contrast most of what you find on Youtube, so stay off unreliable YouTubers.
I don’t know the exact specifications of Black Shark, but one thing you should expect is a Snapdragon 845 chipset which the company has been flaunting ever since.
Gaming phones are high end, so to theorizes, Black Shark would have a minimum of 4ghz CPU speed, 120Hz display refresh rate, 256Gb of internal memory, 8GB RAM and 5000mAH battery for the basic specifications . Holographic display, I’ll keeping on saying is not a bad idea, after all they said it was “Born to Compete”
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