Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Facebook has launched a new feature and it’s personal

The application that is known for regular request for updates is Facebook app. In an act of providing the best social experience to it’s users, Facebook continuously peruse their application for bugs and leaks before hackers do it for them.

Besides it is said that most of Facebook employees are hackers if not all.

A new feature from the best social network tends to work with one of your personal detail – your facial recognition.

Facial recognition is considered the most intrusive security feature generally used in addition to finger print sensor.
Some smartphone application use facial recognition to runs some photo filters but Facebook wants to use it to secure your account.

Already, Facebook uses facial recognition to suggest people to tag in photos, but now it is going beyond that.

Facebook says the Face recognition will serve as account impersonation checkmate. Fake accounts stamping out has been Mark Zuckerberg big deal and this new facial feature will bring him closer to achieving it. Celebrity and notable people in a society are being impersonated by “bad eggs” to scam their unsuspecting victims.

Also, just like in twitter, visually impaired Facebook users can tell who is in a photo by audio.

The feature uses algorithms to scan your face details and match it to any photo uploaded on Facebook. With this, you will be notified whenever photo of you is used across the platform in a way which is not appropriate.

The feature is automatically turned “ON” for every Facebook user. But if you wish to turn it “OFF”, it’s all up to you. Go to settings and yo should find the switch.

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