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Features of Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Features of Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Android Oreo which is the 8th Android version comes with a feature meant to suit the entry-level devices – Android Oreo Go edition. Android Go as many prefer to call it is a lite version of Android Oreo that is optimised at the Operating system and application levels to provide smooth performance on low end phones.

Low end phones are considered devices having 1GB RAM or lesser and storage memory size less than 16GB. These low specification causes poor performance when running a full fledged Android Nougat or Oreo. Android Go was created to enhance user experience on entry-level phones and make it worth using and efficient. Apps developers have keyed into this idea to create an Go version of their applications.

Features of Android Go

Light Weight Apps:
The typical feature of Android Oreo Go Edition is the step down software resource requirements. Android Go applications open up faster than regular apps. Also, these re-imagined apps consume less space too.
More Storage Space:
You should know by now that you don’t get to use all of the storage space allocated in your internal phone storage memory. A 8GB storage capacity phone leaves as little as 3GB for user and app files while the rest is used by the OS. With this in mind, Android Go was designed to take lesser space, giving you 2x more space to store your files.
Storage Memory Optimisation:
Google threw in a new application, Files Go that helps you get rid of unwanted files that has overstayed it’s welcome. It’s like a file explorer with storage space analysis edge. Files Go also helps you clean up App Cache and junks
Google re-imagined Go Apps:
Android Go still bears all of the exciting Google apps like Google search, Google Assitant, Gboard in the Go version (lite version).
Data Saver:
Data consumption is a serious issue when you use a non-lite version of any app like Facebook. So, Google armed Android Go with the ability to let user control the data used by application in a more economical way. To make browsing the internet much cheaper, google armed Chrome as well with data saver. You can also share files without data using the peer-to-peer feature of Android Go.
Yes, why wouldn’t it be secured. Google play protect is enabled to get rid of malicious apps and regularly scans your phone for bad headed apps.
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