Saturday, January 19, 2019

Followers Assistant Lets You Know Those Who Don’t Follow Back On Instagram

Everyone surely wants followers on Instagram. One way to get followers is to follow others and be followed. But after a time of much following and there is a big ratio, it’s usually a cause for concern.

Yes, you must maintain a balance of those you follow against those following you. Following about 1000 people and you have 15 followers is not a healthy Instagram account. So in order to keep your Instagram account, you may want to unfollow some people especially inactive and fake accounts.

Instagram official app won’t let you know those who are not following back and this makes it difficult to do such task of unfollowing those who doesn’t follow back.

Followers Assistant is developed for such purpose. The app lets you see the Instagram accounts that doesn’t follow you and those following you. It also shows you those who unfollowed you.

Followers Assistant is a very light easy to use app that you can download from PlayStore. Remember that all social networking platforms have rules, so you shouldn’t exceed the limit on the numbers of people you follow or unfollow per day.

If you have tried Followers Assistant, what is your take on it?

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