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Google Pixel 3 Matches the iPhone XR in DxOMark

It matches the P20 Pro’s score in video

After they have given their verdict on the OnePlus 6T, DxOMark posted their results for Google’s Pixel 3, and they are quite impressive.

Having an overall score of 101, the Pixel 3 has a higher score than the OnePlus 6T. That by itself is impressive considering the Pixel 3—like the iPhone XR, which also scored 101—has only one rear camera setup. Its predecessor scored 98, which is not bad at all.

Going through the score breakdown, the Pixel 3 improves on noise, artifacts, and zoom in terms of photos, citing Google’s improved image processing and computational photography. The same goes for videos, where it has tied with Huawei’s P20 Pro for the said category. While the Pixel 3 lost points in autofocus, it is better than its predecessor in detail preservation.

You can read more about DxOMark’s review here.

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