Saturday, January 19, 2019

Have phone done more harm than good in Nigeria ?

Have phone done more harm than good in NigeriaToday over the radio, the moderator raises a topic which surrounds ” Have Phones Done More Harm Than Good”. Response from callers unveiled the wrong perspective Nigerian parents have towards 21st Century technology – phones especially.

It disgust me when all the respondents who called in favoured phone has done more harm than good. They laid emphasis on the social  networks influencing young people negatively. They also pointed out that games keep young people busy doing nothing. They blatantly accused phone for spoiling children.

But they fail to realise that young people only do things which are interesting and engaging. Youths or children will always like to be busy. Sadly it turns out that many grown ups or parents don’t have anything to offer to the younger ones to grow them. Except sending them to school, leaving them to be swayed by bad societal influence.

Most Nigerian parents are more their glued to work than they are to family. They adopt the wrong method of parenting, smacking a child when a child does something wrong, ruining the parent and child connection and severing emotional state of the child – and they call it correcting. Children who received harsh training from parents don’t get any better. Many Nigerian parents are not even good at raising kids, all they want is to be a father or mother.

It’s saddening after I found out that the parents who say phones have done more harm are not properly educated. They’re not aware of the benefits of phones if used properly to train a child.

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A child or young person, who is not getting anything tangible from the parents or anyone, will go any extent to get something. Searching earnestly for some sort or engagement but won’t until they discover phones. Parents did not train them right so they do bad things with phones.

Look out for anyone who you see using phones for the wrong reasons then look out for how technology inclined the parents are. Parents who are not technology inclined in the century CANNOT raise their child properly. There is no way you can stop your child from having access to a phone. But you can checkmate what you child does with that phone only if you know what can be done with that gadget.

Your child so much into games because you have nothing as interesting as game to offer. You child finds it easy to tell his/her secrets to friends, probably on social media, because he or she doesn’t trust you anymore. When you beat and scold her like the world is going to end the next minute and destabilize the social morals.

Phones happen to be very engaging, especially now when social networks are getting more interesting. With captivating contents that can glue you to one spot, exaggerated lifestyles that looks so real even if it’s fake, Funny things that easily takes away pain, social networks can shape the life of someone.

You can’t say phones have done more harm and put the blame on the phone that is an object being used by it’s subject in anyway pleasing. What I am trying to say is that, phones have done no harm at all. Rather humans have greatly abused it, turned it’s good services to serve the wrong purpose. Just like living life is good but people choose to abuse their own existence. I actually wrote part of this post with my phone mainly because my laptop was down, electricity is a problem in Nigeria. You can’t say the existence of phones have increased the immoral acts when immoral acts exited before phones and crept into the uses of phones. 

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