Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to close applications properly and make your phone faster

Samuel please my phone is slow and freezes, please what is the fix?”. I shared a tip on how to make your phone faster.

This time I will share with you how to close your phone application which will in turn make your phone faster indirectly and life will be easy for us all. Most smartphone users ignorantly close applications the wrong way, making it a herculean task for their device to run the applications.

phones hate their live in the hands of such users

It is wrong to close an application through the minimize tray. By minimize tray I mean the list of running application where you switch between applications. When you access the list of running apps and swipe out an application, you’re simply force closing it.

Basically, force closing an application is not advisable and it makes the application to create high amount of cache memory. That is why your phone finds it tasking to launch the application after you close it the wrong way.

So what is the correct way to close an application ?

It’s simple. Close an application properly by kindly using the back button, till you exit the application.

How do I know this ?

I use the back button to close applications normally, so I decided to try doing it through the minimize tray. Then I noticed that phones give room for heavy Cache memory when apps are closed the wrong way. This was observed after a week of doing “the wrong thing”.

I found out that even after closing apps through the list of running apps, my phone did not get any faster. Well not until I hit “clear all”, then I have this “few seconds of silence” before normal activities began.

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Save your phone processing stress by using the back button to close apps. Your phone should worry more about background task than the front-end ones

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