Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Enable Adsense Auto Ads and review

Adsense, One of the best advertising network by Google has rolled out a new feature that pose to boost revenue – Auto Ads.
Auto Ads has a feature other alternative ads networks such as Ezoic provides, that gives Adsense publishers less hassle when choosing where and placing Ads codes. But Google has decided to take the front wheel.
Auto Ads by Adsense works by AI, studying your site layout and mapping out the best place for placing Ads codes based on user interaction with your website. It studies user behavior, places Ads codes in the best place and potentially increases revenue. I recently started using Auto Ads on one of my website and yet take analysis of revenue increase even tho I have noticed a slight bump on daily earnings.
How to Enable Auto Ads in Adsense
It’s quite a new feature meaning not all publishers might have this in dashboard enabled. Many claim it’s a code that resembles page-level code, but it’ not. It’s a different code and it’s a one time installation which requires no updating after making changes to it’s configuration. To enable Auto Ads, open up your Adsense publisher dashboard. (If you do not see the Auto Ads cards as soon as your open your dashboard, check on “My Ads” column. If you still don’t see it there which is unlikely, I’ll suggest you wait for it to get to your account.) 
Adsense Auto Ads
After you’ve spotted the Auto Ads card, or seen it on “My Ads”, follow the quick set which take you through which Ad format you’ll like it to display. I turned all of it on, so I bother less about Ads placement. After the setup and you get the code, place it within the “head” tags of your website. That’s all you need to do.
Do I need to use Auto Ads?
Yes, if you have no idea the best place of placing Ads are on your website. Auto Ads studies your ste users, so I’ll recommend leaving it permanently after implementing it.
Can I use Auto Ads with Regular Adsense ads Codes ?
Yes, Auto ads works alongside the normal ads codes if you have it placed anywhere on your site. It makes sure your site is not clumsy looking with ads.
Does Auto Ads help boost revenue?
Yes, Since your site is being studied over time. Optimum place for placing Ads are being taken note of by Auto ads and ads placed there.
Which Ads format should I enable in Auto Ads
All of them, google makes sure the best performing ad format are uses through out your site.
That’s all I have for Adsense Auto Ads, you can drop your comments and experience below.
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