How to fix iPhone X /XS GPS not working says “Looking for GPS”

iPhone X /XS Max/6+  users are facing issue with GPS that for apps
while using the GPS, it is not working properly. If you are using the location
service eg Google Maps and Apple Maps can never pinpoint the location. For
other apps which uses GPS like Waze are persistently gives error “No GPS” or “Looking
for GPS”.  It seems that the GPS is not
turning on properly on the iPhone X. Not only iPhone X but the iPhone 6s,
iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 8 users are facing GPS issue as well with latest iOS
11.4/iOS 12.
iPhone X GPS not working
 Even iPhone X GPS is not working with iOS 12.
The same problem is reported with iOS 11.4.1. The GPS issue makes the maps completely
unable.  There is seriously something
wrong with the iPhone X GPS. Not only GPS but some iPhone X are also facing
WIFI dropping issue. This is serious issue specially for those people whose business
depends upon GPS/location.
A reddit user reported
the iPhone X GPS issue as: 
confirm I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 8 plus, I’ve sent feedback to
Apple. Seems to be a sporadic widespread issue. I did have the developer build
and the issue was present there, I downgraded to the public beta and the issue
is still there. I had to dig out my old Garmin GPS and update it as I got lost
in a unfamiliar area this weekend due to the bug
Sometimes the GPS seems
to load fine but as you will start the apps using it GPS the iPhone has no clue
which direction I’m actually facing in Google maps and sometimes just shows me
spinning around or showing incorrect rerouting options  The iPhone GPS issue does not seem to be a
software issue and seems to be hardware failure as many devise are reported to
be affected with this. needs to be resolved.
Below are
few troubleshooting steps to fix the general GPS issue on iPhone X/XS/6s on iOS
11 and iOS 12:
If you can’t
find your current location on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
1.       Go to Settings
> Privacy > Location Services and make sure that Location Services and
Maps is set to While Using.
2.      Make sure that
you set the date, time, and time zone correctly on your device. Go to Settings
> General > Date & Time. If possible, use Set Automatically.
4.      Make sure that
cellular data or Wi-Fi is on and that you have an active connection.
5.      Try a different
location or switch to a different Wi-Fi network.
Fix 1 : Reset the iPhone
Resetting “all settings”
seems to resolve the issue for a while but the GPS issue may occur again and
will not work. Please take up the back up before doing the factory reset and
restored it back, it should fix the issue solved for some weeks. A temporary
Fix 2: Disable LTE iPhone X
It is observed that the GPS
problems seems to fix if you totally disable LTE.  If your keep iPhone on 3G and the GPS seems to
continuously work fine. Please test with this settings.
Fix 3: Downgrade the iOS
If nothing seems to work
to fix the GPS issue on iPhone X please downgrade the iOS to the version where
it was working and GPS was stable. Please follow the iOS 12 upcoming updates for
permanent fix for the issue.

In case the issue still persist we would
recommend to take the iPhone to Apple Support center and claim for a replacement.