Monday, February 18, 2019
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How to fix Pokemon Go not working on iPhone (loading and crashing fix)

How to fix Pokemon Go not working on iPhone (loading and crashing fix)<!–Abhishek: Auto ads //

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How to fix Pokemon Go not working on iPhone (loading and crashing fix)

iPhone X/8/7/6 users
while playing pokemon go are facing crash issue and login issue like pokemon go
stuck on login screen on  the iPhone
. The
pokemon go app glitched and gets crashed multiple time. Even when tried to
re-start the pokemon go app it got stuck on the log-in loading screen for very
long. Specially when login with google-account, the game goes to this white
screen and the game won’t load at all and remains stuck at login screen.
Pokémon go google sign
in not working for iphone users and getting stuck for a long time.  Even restarting the iPhone or the games does
not seem to fix the issue. With the most recent update of iOS 11 the issue is
more prominent and user can’t login to pokemon Go. Even the same issue is
reported with android phone.
In fact for many users every
time when user try to open and login on Pokemon go the app takes to the iOS Appstore to update but the app is already updated so when clicked the open in
appstore the game will load and will show full circle and gets stuck at the
load screen. Even the Game crashes immediately when the load screen finishes.

How to fix PokemonGo
crash while loading on iPhone:

Fix 1: Uninstall the app from Apple Watch
Step 1: Uninstalled the
Pokemon Go app on watch
Step 2: Now
try opening the app on the iPhone it should work now.
Step 3: Now
reinstalled the app on watch again. Now kill the app on iPhone.
Step 4: Open
on watch (it will ask you to go on pokemon go for Healthkit Permissions)
Now it should work fine
on iPhone.
Fix 2: Try the “new account” option
Please try to login with
new account into the game. It may be possible that something may have gone
wrong with your current account. Setting up with new account on Pokémon go may
fix all the issue related to login.
Fix 2: Update the game from Appstore
You may need to update
your game, Please check for that on Appstore. If no update seems to pending
please restart the iPhone. After the phone is on go to the App Store, now check
for update again. 
Fix 3: Update the iOS
Recent update iOS 11.4
seems to fix the issue for many users. So if you are using older version of iOS
it is highly recommended to upgrade to latest iOS releases by Apple.

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