Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Register an Institution on NEMIS

NEMIS in full stands for National Education Management Information System. NEMIS, a system developed for Management of Institutions and learner. The system assigns schools unique code and even the learners and this unique identifier will be used throughout learner’s progress in school. Our key focus today is how to register an Institution on NEMIS? Probably you don’t understand how to update institution details on NEMIS.
First you will need a computer (laptop or desktop), an active internet connection majorly 3G with good speeds of up to 2Mbps. A good browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Browser and more.

How to Register an Institution on NEMIS

Visit the following web address in your browser. You can key it in the URL bar or just copy paste it into your browser’s url bar. Here is the link to the NEMIS portal You can use the link to access NEMIS Portal and Register an Institution on NEMIS.
Once the page is open, you will served with the start page. This page contains the NEMIS logo and the login screen where you will enter the username and password in order to access the NEMIS system.
Upon successful login you’re redirected to the dashboard with navigation menu. The menus include home, institutions, learner, staff, finance, setup, reports and finally logout.
Click on Institutions or just hover to reveal the sub menu. To register an Institution on NEMIS, click on my institution to access the page as shown below.
Register an Institution on NEMIS
Fill in the institutions details, ownership details that’s sponsors, institution contacts and institution’s documents and click on Complete Submission.
The view map allows you to view the schools’ positioning on Google map.

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