Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Huawei P20 teaser video reveals “three rear cameras” – (Tri- camera)

Huawei P20 teaser video reveals

Huawei is taking the phone camera competition up by a notch. In a new teaser video of Huawei P20 released by the tech giant, it reveals “Three rear cameras” positioned vertically. Before now, the camera was rumored to be horizontally placed but not anymore.

We all know that in a dual-camera setup, one camera is used for taking the photo and the other for depth sensing. Bringing some professional photography feeling to infinitesimal camera in mobiles.

It is not quite clear what the third camera in a tri-camera setup is used for. But rumors surrounds “AI smart” feature. Huawei says this will bring “professional photography” in your hands. I’m thinking nothing except ability to capture farther distant subjects.

If that is a thing, go ahead then.

Leica S-system is another word surrounding tri-camera P20 and it being Huawei main base for marketing Huawei P20.

P20 will be unveiled on 27th of this month.

Will this be the first phone with three cameras?

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