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iOS 12 CarPlay not working with iPhone X/XS/8/7/6s [Solved]


iOS 12 CarPlay not working with iPhone X/XS/8/7/6s [Solved]

users after updating to iOS 12 are complaining that the CarPlay on their iPhone
X/8 stopped working after the upgrade. The problem seems to with iOS 12 as
almost all iphone ie iPhone X/8/7/6 etc. are reported with cars of Honda/Subaru/Audi/BMW/Chevy/Meredes/skoda
etc where CarPlay stopped working with iOS 12.
Carplay was working fine with iOS 11 but soon after upgrade to the latest iOS
12 the carplay is not working anymore.  The
problem is that after plugging the USB lightning cable into iPhone, Carplay
didn’t start on car’s head unit.
“A  Subaru Crosstrek car owner reported that he just
updated his iphone to iOS 12 today and CarPlay is not working anymore.”

How to
fix iPhone X/8/7/6 CarPlay not working with iOS 12:

Fix 1:
Delete and Re add the car
In your
iPhone Carplay settings (Settings/General/CarPlay) delete the car. Now you
should again add the car to car list. The CarPlay should work now.
Fix 2:
Hard restart your iPhone  and Carplay
To hard
reset your iPhone:
iPhone X/8 model: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press
and quickly release the Volume Down button, finally press and hold the Power
button until the Apple logo appears. This will hard reset your iPhone
7 and7 Plus : Press and hold down the Home button and the Volume Down button at
the same time until the Apple logo shows up.
6s and earlier iPhone: Press and hold down the Home button and the Power button
together until you see the Apple logo on screen.
On your
As There is no CarPlay app so Go to Settings/General/CarPlay and try Reset.
Fix 2: Disable
Some of
the features on iPhone that not working because restrictions are enabled. Go to
Settings -> General -> Restrictions, enter the passcode and find CarPlay,
turn it off.
Fix 3:
Siri Settings
As you
can use CapPlay with voice commands,make sure the Siri has been turned on. Go
to Settings -> Tap Siri & Search -> Turn the “Listen for Hey Siri”


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