Monday, February 18, 2019
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iPhone X Tap to Wake not working [Fix]


Many of iPhone X users are complaining about issue where tap to wake feature missing from iPhone X. iPhone
X is released with much awaited feature of Tap to wake, a feature that lets
users to wake phone screen without having to press the sleep/wake button on the
side of iPhone. The iPhone never had this feature and Tap to wake is released
with iPhone X first time. However this feature is in Android phones from very
long time.
Tap to unlock feature is
very hand feature and it does not unlock the iPhone but only the phone lights
up. You can see time, notification etc without picking or unlocking your
You can control Tap to
wake settings by following steps. Launch the Settings app. ->Go to the
section General. -> Tap the sub-section Accessibility -> Slide the Tap to
Wake. Which seems to be very easy to set and unset the feature.
However for many users
the Tap to Wake feature seems to be missing completely from iPhone X. For first
the users realized that the Tap to Wake feature is not working in iPhone X and
later when check in Accessibility section, the feature seems to missing from
there as well.
  • Why Tap to Wake is not working in iPhone X:
The issue could be in
hardware of software but the probable reason for this is replaced iPhone X
screen that somehow disables this feature. Many iPhone X user found Tap to wake
issue missing after screen replacement.
First you should try to
reset you device by taking backup to iTunes or iCloud. And Reset all setting
and set iPhone as new from within settings. If this does not helps you should
you should restore the phone from iTunes or iCloud backup after a fresh install
of iOS. This will reset any software bug.
For hardware issues
please visit nearby Genuine Apple bar and discuss the complete issue.
Hope Apple finds out a
permanent fix for the issue in upcoming iOS releases.


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