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Macaw TX 80 Detachable Neckband BT Headphones, Review, Specs and Price

Macaw TX 80 is a detachable neckband bluetooth headphones, that offer wireless support. The headphones are great and fit just calmly around your neck. The band for the headphones is made in such a way that it cannot easily come off the neck even during those vigorous exercises. The MacaW TX 80 headphone are priced at $35.99. You can order via this link.
Talking about cables, the Macaw TX 80 Detachable Bluetooth Headphones provides a powder metallurgy metal cover. The cable is 0.9m that’s if you need to have it connected directly to your smartphone. You can also utilize the Bluetooth v4.2 availability to connect wirelessly to the headset.
A few things that make the Macaw TX 80 unique is the Bluetooth connectivity, the fact that it is detachable and also being a neckband. You can simply or swiftly carry around the headphones around your neck while they’re ducked into your ears.

Key Macaw TX 80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

  • Cable size: 0.9m
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Magnet convenient storage
  • Replaceable Coaxial line
  • Soft wire road
  • Ergonomic skin type with volume control
  • Waterproof with IPX 5 grade
  • Driver Unit: 10nm
  • Frequency: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 16Ohms
  • Charge Time: 1.5 – 2 hrs
  • Battery Capacity: 110mAh

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Variety in Connectivity

Ever been in love with variety? Well the Macaw TX 80 Detachable Bluetooth Headset presents just that. The headset apart from providing other cool features, it offers wireless connectivity. It also offers room for wired communication using coaxial cables.

Design and other Features

The Macaw TX 80 headset stands out with its ergonomic neck hanging band. The colors are unique. The ergonomic design stands out when it comes to keeping it locked within your ears and neck. This makes sure your headphones don’t fall even in vigorous exercises.Macaw TX 80 Detachable

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The fun with it being Waterproof

The fact that the Macaw TX 80 Detachable bluetooth headphones is a great fact. You will never miss a moment of music even when it’s raining. Why should worry about leaving your headphones away when you’re swimming? During exercise your sweaty body won’t get anywhere to wetting the headset. You’re safe whenever.

Builtin Microphones

That awkward moment when you can’t take your call using the headsets. And again if you can receive the call, there’s no way to talk freely without taking the phone out of that damn pocket. Can you just place the phone towards your mouth while you speak and listening through the headsets? That’s awkward. With the Macaw TX 80 Detachable Bluetooth headphones, you can simply talk wireless since it also has an inbuilt mic for that purpose. What a fantastic way to do hands-free?


The headset can do standby time of 300h on full charge. However it cannot take your 24 hours of full time usage. The talktime usage of the Macaw TX 80 is capped at 20h. The 110mAh battery can only do that much. The headset charges for about 2 hours maximum with others doing 1.5 hours.

Macaw TX 80 Detachable Bluetooth Headphones Specs

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