Musicians can now use Google Posts

Google Posts

Have you noticed that Google search is getting a bit of “Entertaining features”. When It was International women’s day, Google wrote stories that centered on women and stuffs about them. Now Google’s POST feature which gives a little boost to verified artist is out and rolling.

With the new feature, Google said in it’s blog that artist can give updates to google users in search results. This means that you get updates from an Greywalker regarding tours and music release when you search for “Greywalker” on Google.
Google Posts
A verified artist can on knowledge panel send updates out by Google search engine to anybody who searches for anything relating to the artist. Videos, pictures and GIFs included can come up in results too.
What a nice way of following musicians when you don’t on social media. So if you’re musician, go ahead, sign up and get verified.
The feature may not be available in some countries, but google promises to get it to every country ASAP.
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