Wednesday, January 23, 2019

OKash, Another Microfinance Loan App? OPay in the Making

I know tagging Okash with Opera Pay might just be out of the way but still there are issues that connect the two. Today at exactly 1536Hrs I received an SMS with the brand name Okash_Promo. And the message reads in part:-
“Try the new loan serve OKash for as low as 1% per day for up to 14 days. Download from Google Play Now: link here omittted”
And so I was like is this related to Opera Pay named Opay? And well I have bought airtime quite a number of times using OPay or Opera Pay. The brand name to which the money is sent is Opay Services.
On accessing the link within the message am redirected to Google Play to an app with the name OKash. Take the “O” in this case, we have O-Pay and O-Kash. They relate don’t they? And again the app is listed as developed by Opay Digital Services Limited. This is a nice name with which Opera Pay also works.
So is Opera venturing into offering loans just as Branch, Tala? Let’s wait and see if they are related or if this is just another brand looking out to make a name from Opera Pay?
The app allows you to login using your phone number. And if you don’t have an account with them you can create it and enter all information required including referee. You will be supposed to enter the real name of the Referee and their mobile number.
On their website, nothing is there appealing. Probably the website is still under development. The website provides an QR code for scanning that will allows you to download the app through scanning the code.
I haven’t tried the app I would be able to tell whether the same company is the one receiving payments. But all in all the app aint different from Branch, Tala and others that keep coming up.
Still you will need to be keen with the kind of app you pick on. Some are scam who are just after listing you to Credit Reference Bureau.


The Other Side of OKash

Well from reviews on OKash, you won’t definitely try out OKash. Probably they are just starting or they are something else. People claim installing and account creation and loan application are swift. The problem comes on the disbursement section.
okash reviews

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