Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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OnePlus’ 5G Phone will Not Be the OnePlus 6T’s Successor

It will be a new line under the OnePlus brand

As brands are gearing up for their 5G-enabled smartphones, a spokesperson from OnePlus confirmed with CNET Spain that the brand’s 5G offering will be available by early 2019. Mobile World Congress 2019 is seen as one of the potential events where they will unveil the phone.

In addition, OnePlus’ 5G phones will be separate from their main line, implying that the OnePlus 7 will not have 5G connectivity. OnePlus wants to go for this approach to “to complement the portfolio of devices of the company.”

The report adds that the OnePlus 7 and 7T (if that will be their official name) will remain as the brand’s flagship devices. This means that OnePlus might unveil three phones for next year instead of just two for the last three years.

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