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Screen time passcode iOS 12 ?

Time was enabled by default in iOS 12 and lots of iPhone X/8/7/6 users after
upgrade to iOS 12 are not able to remember default screen passcode. But it is
sure that they never set any Screen Time passcode during installation of iOS 12
but still they are popped up with 4 digit Screen time passcode.
iOS 12 screen time passcode
screen time passcode is generally faced if you have upgrade the iPhone from iOS
11 to iOS 12 and restored the database backup in your iPhone and once the
iPhone is up with iOS we you will be asked for screen time passcode. But most
of the user don’t know what is the
passcode for screen time.
note that the locks screen passcode is different than the screen passcode as
the lock screen passcode is 6 digit and this one is 4 digits only.
apple is aware of this issue, one user on apple forum said that:
Apparently, Apple is getting a lot of tech support requests about
this issue–they called me and asked a bunch of questions. Maybe they will
change the iOS 12 installer in the next update, so people who haven’t upgraded
yet won’t have to deal with this problem
If you
have also forgot Screen time passcode please read the below to understand and
reset the default screen time passcode.

What is
default screen passcode in iOS 12 for iphone :

time is part of restrictions and uses the restrictions passcode. If you had a
restrictions passcode in iOS11, use that as the Screen Time passcode.

  • How to reset Screen time passcode in iOS 12

Fix 1: Reset your device to reset your
screen time passcode

You can
restore it to factory conditions and set up as new to get rid of the screen
passcode. First Make a Backup of Your Device. If you have forgot your screen
time passcode you need to erase your device and then set it up as new to remove
the screen Time passcode. You can now make new backups, meaning you won’t lose
anything in the process except time.

Fix 2: Set up passcode in iOS 11 before

If you
want to make sure to restore from backup without losing anything, one way is to
first changes restriction passcode in iOS 11 and then upgrade. This way you
should be able to upgrade with screen passcode in iOS 12 :
1) Set
up Restrictions with a passcode on iOS 11
2) Turn
Restrictions off
Upgrade to iOS 12 (using the Automatic rather than the Manual method)
Check to see if Screen Time is on or off

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