Monday, February 18, 2019

Snapchat leak reveals big changes are coming to the selfie-sharing social network

Snapchat could be introducing some big changes that include audio and video calling, according to a recent online leak.
Developers spotted clues in code belonging to Snapchat’s Android mobile app and posted their findings on the XDA Developers forum .
Along with the calling feature, the selfie-sharing service is expected to introduce stickers – Snapchat’s emojis – into chat messages.
The move would bring Snapchat closer to other messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp – both of which have introduced video and audio calling in recent months.
It could also allow it to make more money as some apps are able to charge for including stickers in messages.
The leaked screenshots show a bar along the top of the on-screen keyboard that users can tap on to initiate a call.
It’s unclear whether or not the new features uncovered in the code will ever become public. Snapchat hasn’t commented on the findings and it could simply be in the process of testing or researching these additions.
Snapchat allows users to send voice, picture and video messages that appear to self destruct just few seconds after they appear on the other person’s screen , unless the receiver decides to screenshot the image.
The company recently changed its terms and conditions to make it clear that it owns pictures and videos sent on its service.
The firm said more than 700 million messages were sent last year but Snapchat has now admitted it is no longer a temporary file sharing app with data saved on its servers.
The creators of the free digital product, used mostly by teenagers, have rewritten the rules, allowing them to store and use users’ private photos, videos and voice messages.
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