Monday, February 18, 2019

Step By Step Guide On How To Flash Lenovo Devices Using ONTIM Marvell MultiDL

 Flash Lenovo Devices Using ONTIM Marvell MultiDL
Hey guys today am going to show you how to use this ONTIM MARVELL MULTIDL to flash your lenovo device,  the process might be complicated at first but once you have done it twice or more it will be less difficult. 
  • A PC
  • A USB CABLE (that can be detected by a pc)
In other to begin you have to first 

Download ONTIM_Marvell_MultiDL AppOnly

  • After downloading the above you need to extract the ONTIM Marvell MultiDL, and place it in your system where it cn be easily located.
  • Open the extracted file and launch the ONTIM_Marvell_MultiDL.exe, as shown in the image below:

  • Next In the tool on the left side of the interface click on the System and then click Config, and then in the following Blf File text box to select the software to be downloaded after the blf file, select the click button to save the exit,

  • Now Click on the main interface in the tool and click Run, On your Keyboard Press F9 key before pressing F9 note before tapping the f9 or even lauching the flashtool please make sure you install the Driver 1st. you can find this in ONTIM Marvell MultiDL Folder.

  • Disconnect the phones battery and then put it back, hold volume up button”+” key, insert the USB cable, pop-up prompt box to install the driver, follow the prompt “click”, automatically install the driver, after installation In Device Manager, the following new device appears:

  • After successfully installed the drivers, Now the next step is. to unplug the data cable, and then re-deduction and then install the battery (more than 50% of the power), hold the volume “+” key, insert the USB cable, until the progress of the change (blue).
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  • This process takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, as shown in the below image, the download the progress of the green, on behalf of the success of mobile phone. (If the download progress bar turns red, it means that the download failed. Please repeat step 5)

 after the upgrade step has been completed successfully, click the menu bar System – stop. The tool will stop running, unplug(disconnect) the cable from the device, put back battery and switch on the phone, first boot takes time, please be patient.

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