Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This feature makes Essential phone stand-out and you’ll love it

Essential phone

On most phones you see around, they’re in a way using you as an advertising medium. Yes, they’re. Advertisement can be a any form, and one of it is the logo in your phone. Brands print their logo on their product for several purposes but mainly for advertising and branding. But, the logo does more of advertising than branding.

Taking a mirror picture and posting it on social media serves as free advertising means for the manufacture whose logo is behind the phone. Unless you’re taking your photo this way

Narrowing down to phone manufacturing companies. Popular phone manufactures are guilty of having their logo embedded on their phones either in front or behind. Phone makers such as Apple have iPhone devices bear the apple logo behind while Samsung has Samsung written on both sides. The logos reduces the rate of copyright infringement and help identify the maker of the phone easily, so you don’t have to poke nose.

But you phone should be you, it should not represent any brand and indirectly turn you into an unpaid advertiser. You shouldn’t be tagged or known for a phone brand you buy, besides you’re aren’t an ambassador. Unless on certain terms.

Essential phone makers had this in mind when they manufactured Essential Phone PH – 1.

No Logo or Branding can be found on the body of the phone. Doesn’t that feature make the phone unique ?.

Essential PH-1 prides all the top-notch features you won’t even find on most phones of the same prices, yet they let our phone be an expression of who you are—because it’s yours.

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