This is what it means to “Browse the Internet”

Browse the Internet

I want to browse the internet, what do I mean? I mean I want to check out for something in a connection of over 1 Million connected.

Most times when you tell someone to, “check online for something”, or, “search online”. Confusion takes over the face. You find out that most people do not know that they can really scrub and find things on the net. If you’re one of those that keep a blank face when you’re being told to find something online, don’t worry I will clarify things here.

The internet is so vast and not owned by one person. In fact it is an organized connection of several hardware and software, following a set protocol in order to share information. If that is a bit confusing, then take this one. The internet is like a spider web.

When you’re being told to find something online. You really don’t need to know where to start or which website to visit first. Like a guy who is asked find the latest movie online, logs in to and starts looking around for movies. That’s so lame right. Now if you’re to find anything in real life you got to search for it, right?. So the same is applied to the internet, you search for stuffs and find them.

So how do you search the internet?

Tech companies, more like the top wigs have developed some sore of servers called search engine and had a software called web-crawlers running on it . These crawler are like the bots that find and prepare stuffs which are on a website, organize them based on a search preference. So, whenever you access the server which these top-wigs tech companies have designed and you search for something. E.g “Techdemi”. An already made organised list of result which relates to “Techdemi” pops up. Mostly the results are links.

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So many companies own search engines but the most commonly used search engine is the one provided by Google. Google search engine gives you links to sites which contains exactly what you’re looking for. Though most times not accurately, because some sly website owners deceive web-crawlers. Giving it loads wrong information, all to get people visiting.

So to find something online, you visit , enter a keyword which relates to what you’re looking for. And hit enter. Mind you Google won’t search for stuffs like,

“I want to buy ice cream, so do I choose vanilla or chocolate. My brother loves both tho”

Rather you can input “Vanilla or Chocolate flavour”. The wait for sites which have articles are content relating to a comparison between Chocolate or Flavour. Also don’t be silly with search engines like Emmanuella of MarkAngel comedy. Who was misled by her uncle and wanted to sell him. So she literally searched for, “How To Sell My Uncle”.

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