Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This is why you should avoid Glasswire latest update

Glasswire latest update

Internet services in some parts of the world are not easily accessible and in some cases, expensive. Nigeria for example, it cost NGN1000, more than $2 to get 1GB internet data capacity. That being the case, Many including I, have resolved to using a network management application to monitor data consumption and usage of each application in devices.

Using Glasswire application on windows, I was able to save more data by allowing only necessary applications access to the internet. Although inbuilt windows firewall can do just that, you still have to take note of every applications internet activity and as well block and unblock them when necessary.
Using Glasswire is very comfortable to use as it gives you a good representation of your internet speed and notifies you of any application using internet access. Also, you can easily block any application by a click unlike Windows firewall.
Glasswire latest update
Firewall feature in Glasswire has being a free feature but not until the latest version. It is quite appalling to have users now pay for a feature which they have been enjoying free in the previous versions. In the latest version, you get a trial period for most of the features which are free to use in older versions.
So’ lets think this through,

I had to re-install an older version in order to continue the using the firewall feature of Glasswire.
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