Saturday, January 19, 2019

What is Nintendo Labo ?

It’s no longer doubts, gaming is a means of developing your intelligence quotient (IQ). It pains me so much to see parents keep their kids away from gaming, claiming it keeps them away from other things. I get it, most kids can go extreme with gaming but as time goes on, those kids get to spend less time on the game. Then you check their performance in anything – Top notch. Gaming makes you think in splits of seconds and it can’t get any better with what Nintendo is cooking, – Labo.

What is Labo?
Labo is an “upcoming set of DIY cardboard peripherals capable of turning the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers into all sorts of strange objects. At the basic level, you follow a kit to put together things like a fishing pole or a robot suit and play the accompanying little piece of software”. 

At least that’s how best Forbes defines it. But let me break it down. Labo as already stated is a DIY (Do-it-yoursefl) cardboard pregame setup. You can call it an interactive extended controller. It aims at bringing reality to your gaming. With Labo, using already made designs on a cardboard you can create portable toys that enhances your gaming. Take playing a piano for example, you can create a real life piano, module it with your Nintendo Switch and controllers to enable you use the keys on your cardboard designed piano instead of the Joy controllers. Another good examples is when playing a bike race on switch, you can build some real life toy bike handles, attach your switch and controllers and boom, the race just got real.
 Creativity can boom out of this when it gets to hands of many, Nintendo had better be ready.

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There was this hack on the Switch that enabled browsing based on the linux OS tweaked to work the gaming device. Hacking games and controllers are not cool to some extent, but what if the good side can be brought to light by Labo. I mean, creative geeks can fuss out a means of enabling some extra features on the console, build more extensive toys which will make the game much fun. Watch this review below to grab more.

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