Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WhatsApp co-founder suggests you delete your Facebook account

WhatsApp co-founder suggests you delete your Facebook account

The war against Facebook has taken a huge step in the frontiers.

WhatsApp former owner, Brian Acton made a serious statement against Facebook on his twitter account – #deletefacebook. This is trailing the recent scandal with Facebook mining users data and indirect involvement in US 2016 election which made the then-candidate, Donald trump winner.

The scandal has lead to a big drop in Facebook stock value in the past week.

Speaking of election, Facebook was alleged to have shared user’s data for political reasons. I think in reaction to that Facebook decided to make public anyone carrying out any political agenda on the social platform. But the feature is still on test in Canada. At least that should shade off accusations that Mark is using the platform for the reasons it wasn’t meant for.

Many in the tech community have turned their attention to Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s silence has been troubling. Some investors are even reportedly suing Facebook over the stock price drop.

Brian Acton shared his opinion on Twitter that people should delete their Facebook accounts, saying “Delete and forget. It’s time to care about privacy.” He created a WhatsApp rival platform called signal. Signal is currently creating an awareness event for Ethereum as a currency of choice.

Does it mean the Facebook is really getting into people’s privacy in the way they shouldn’t.

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