Saturday, January 19, 2019

World largest SSD – 100TB of Storage

Gone are the days of HDD (Hard disk drives) as SSD (Solid State drives) are taking over the internal storage market. Hard disk drives uses magnetic spinning disk and read and write spindle for operation but that is not the case of SSDs. SSDs use semi-conductors.

Nimbus Data has announced the world largest SSD drive of 100TB disk volume – Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive DC 100 . The SSD is said to consume less power than it’s rival according to Nimbus. Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive DC 100 is topping rival products like Samsung’s 30.72 TB in terms of efficient power consumption.

The 3.5 inches form factor device consumes 0.1 watts per terabyte, making it more economical and saves more space in storage racks. ExaDrive DC100 looks more like an old desktop HDD drive.

Read speed is the only lag for this massive storage as Samsung’s tends to beat it when it comes to reading from. But Nimbus Data tops all drives in writing speed.

Nimbus claims that the DC100 clocks up to 100,000 IOPs (read or write) and up to 500MBps read and write. This feature of ExaDrive DC100 makes it suitable for Machine learning, cloud computing and big data. Pricing and availability is not yet known as of time of writing.

#MayTheFlashBeWithYou Nimbus Data slogan reads.

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